Mesechta Avodah Zora: “The Designated Man,” and the He-Goat to Azazel “Prohibited for Benefit?”

Shabbos Vayakhel/Pikudei 5783 — 18 March, 2023

I want to heartily thank David Kallus for fitting me in to the Chabura schedule for this Siyum: Big-Time Mega-Dittos Tizke L’Mitzvot! I also want to thank David Leichter for the time when he gave the Daf HaShavua shiur on Mondays and Thursdays. Very much in mind as I give this Siyum is HaRav Chaim Zev ben Avraham Aharon HaLevi, Zt’l, my Rav, whose wisdom and insights have impacted my life. And HaRav Avishai David and Rabbi Binyamin Jacobson have also provided great insights for all of us. A special thanks to Rabbi Jacobson and to Tully Bryks for their feedback regarding my talk. The Piaseczna Rebbe – HaRav Kalman Menachem Shapira and HaRav Chayim Soloveichik have also provided great insights. Many thanks to Rabbi Hillel Horowitz for printing out for me the final piece of Gemara in large print and vowelized. Similarly, many thanks to Danny Michaels for printing out this talk. Lest I forget to recognize and express deepest appreciation for my many friends in Ramat Beit Shemesh who show the world what Kindness, Chessed and Hachnasat Orchim are all about. And many thanks to all of you who have joined me today, as well as all who have a part in sponsoring this Kiddush. read more