Government Denials and the ‘Trial Balloons’ Game

Ghettoizing Gush Etzion

Winston sums up his article from the start in this way; “When you hear absolute, unqualified guarantees by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres or Defense Minister Sha’ul Mofaz about Jewish land not – I repeat, not – to be transferred to Arab Muslims, be assured that transferring it is exactly what they are planning. Their a priori denials are their ‘trial balloons’ to see how much opposition the denied action will provoke.” read more

Another Take on Refugee Families Rebuilding Process.

Humpty Dumpty

Here is another take on the refugees rebuilding process. Two problems that I have with the writer’s perspective; One problem I see is that, since the refugee families have been robbed at legal gunpoint by the government of Israel of their homes and possessions and have little hope of seeing any of the “compensation”, how are they able to move on? Rebuilding takes money and credit, all of which they have been stripped of by the Sharon regime.

The other problem with the “Humpty Dumpty” premise is, as seems indicated in The Dispersal Plan , that the secular government of Israel so fears “… such strong tribes, so strong they became known for providing the armed forces with the finest, most dedicated, most skilled soldiers, or that they would bring to the country much needed cash from their export industries. The potent Judea, Samaria and Gaza communities are not what Sharon and the secular Zionists had in mind.” read more

Shinui MK “Classic Case of Projection”

Shinui MK: Get ready for Ortho-fascism

Did Feiglin [The Fool on the Hill] call it right or what?

Feiglin writes, “The Israeli media wept more for the poor cats to be left behind in the destroyed settlements than for the human beings to be uprooted and rendered homeless. We have become a sector that is less than human — sub-human — a problem that at one stage or another will have to be solved with finality. In German it is called untermentsch. This is the real crisis.”

“We so wanted to be Israelis. We so wanted to be the most Zionistic, the greatest at settlement, the top in the army. We tried so very hard to show that we are a sector that gives of itself, that we are pioneers, that we are well educated and have values and Heaven forbid and perish the thought not violent.” read more

Knesset to Debate Refugees Plight: I’ll Believe it When I See It!

Landau: Likud to Debate Plight of Gush Katif Evictees

I’ll believe this when I see it. Further I expect smoke and mirrors if such debate ever, in fact, takes place. Seeking real men of courage to step up in the clutch to tell it like it is and let the cabinet ministry chips fall where they may. More than the refugees welfare is at stake — the safety, security and welfare of Israel is on the line. But lo, my prediction, no Knesset profiles in courage here. But this is one prediction that I hope I’m wrong about. read more

Border Guards join Evictees in Being Snookered by Sharon Regime

Police Dismiss Officers Recruited for Disengagement Duty

It seems that the overwhelming majority of refugee families from Gush Katif and the Shomron towns who have yet to receive shekel one of compensation are not the only ones being lied to by the Sharon regime. Now it seems that some of their evictors, 280 of the new Border Guard officers who had been hired with the promise that their employment would be long-term beyond the “disengagement,” are now being terminated. The terminations are under the guise of “severe financial constraints in the police department, under whose auspices the Border Guards fall.” read more

Terror and its Toll of Jews, Americans Forgotten in Bush/Abbas Talks

Access Gaza Arabs to Judea and Samaria: Invitation to a Bloodbath??

One viewing or reading this blog should realize that often a group of headlines tells it’s own story if the articles are read, without the need for author’s comments. Such is true here:

Tunnels, Overpasses and Myopia

Gov’t Eases Restrictions on Arab Travel on Highway 60

Troops Kill Palestinian Teen for Throwing Petrol Bomb at Car

IDF Kills Molotov Cocktail Terrorist

Train from Gaza to Hebron

Israeli Arab Suspected of Selling Ambulance to Palestinians