Debunked: Source(s) of Fake News Report of Alleged Israel “Spy Devices Near White House” Seem Untrustworthy

On Thursday, 12 September, 2019, the site Politico posted a piece alleging that Israel has planted “mysterious spy devices near the White House.”

This accusation was quickly denied by Israel via an Israel National News piece citing the Prime Minister’s Office:

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office later released a statement blasting the report, calling the claims of Israeli spying “a blatant lie.”

“There is a longstanding commitment, and a directive from the Israeli government not to engage in any intelligence operations in the US. This directive is strictly enforced without exception,” the PMO said.

But check out what noted American commentator and contributor to Fox News, Mark Levin has to say:

Bottomline: A former U.S. president, who during his eight years in office fostered the lowest points ever in American/Israel relations, is now infiltrating and interfering in Israel’s election campaign by way of his former staff members working for the leftist “Blue and White” political party with the willing complicity of Israel’s leftist media.

Israelis, consider this outside interference when voting on 17 September, 2019.