Monday Thru Thursday War News: Kassam Rocket Strikes Western Negev, IAF Bombs Smuggling Tunnels; Hezbollah Arms Smuggling Videoed, Jewish Cars Stoned in North and Throughout Yehuda, Shomron, Palestinian Terrorist Nabbed Planning Attacks, Arabs From Silwan Neighborhood Toss Firebombs at IDF Vehicle in Jerusalem, IDF Nabs 16 Terrorists

Kassam Rocket Strikes Open Area [Between Sdot Negev and Sha’ar Hangev Regions] in Western Negev

IAF Bombs Smuggling Tunnels in Northern Gaza Strip

IDF Releases Video of Hezbollah Arms Smuggling

IDF Tells Soldiers: Don’t Kill Firebombers, by Gil Ronen (Israel National News)

4 Cars Stoned on Coastal Highway [in North Near Arab-Israeli Village of Jisar Azraka]

Rock Attacks [in Village of Dir Astiaf, Near Kalkilye, Next to Beit Omer, Southwest of Bethlehem] in Judea and Samaria

Rock Attack between Yakir and Revava

Rock Attack [on Jewish Vehicle] Near Ramallah

Rock Attack [on Jewish Bus] at Halhoul

Israeli Wounded as Car Pelted With Stones North of Ramallah

Palestinian [Terrorist] Arrested [in Abu Dis] Near Jerusalem on Suspicion of Planning Terror Attack

Arabs [From City of David (Silwan) Neighborhood] Throw Firebombs at Patrol Vehicle in Jerusalem

Terrorists Throw Stones at Israeli Driver Near Beitar

IDF Soldiers Arrest Palestinian Stone-Thrower North of Jenin

‘Phony Egg’ Plant in Kalkilya Shut Down [For Falsely Markinging Eggs with Government Egg-Permit Stamps]

Overnight Anti-Terror Roundup Nets 16 Suspects