A Prayer on Hoshana Rabbah for Jonathan Pollard

We learn that on Hoshana Rabbah, Hashem’s decrees upon all individuals, upon the Jewish people, and indeed on everyone in the entire world are finalized, as Rabbi Artscroll puts it, ‘delivered’ (Succot Machzor, page 645). Many Kehillot stay up all of Hoshana Rabbah night praying, saying Tehillim, learning in hopes that the finalized, ‘delivered’ decree upon us individually and upon Am Yehudi collectively, be for Tov in all things in the coming year.

At such an auspicious time, may all of us have our brother Jonathan Pollard — Yehonatan Ben Malka prominently in our hearts, thoughts, prayers and in mind in our actions — that Hashem see to his release and return to his brethren in this year — soon than later.

And may our hearts yearn that Hashem see sufficient merit in all of us to justify Jonathan’s liberation and return to us — achshav, chik chuk, miyad, etmol!