Prayers and Learning L’Zechut Jonathan Pollard During the Ten Days

This blog first announces that, whereas, a local Beit Knesset in Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef , in Israel, — Kehilla Beit Tefillah – Yona Avraham, has dedicated one Thursday night Mishmar Learning Seder L’Zechut Jonathan Pollard (Yehonoson ben Malkah) each month since January, 2009, this month’s dedicated learning will take place on Thursday night, 24 September, 2009 during the “10 Days” (Asseret Y’mei Teshuva) and ALL Jews are urged to join in, via prayer (tefillot), learning and chessed (kind deeds for one’s fellow Jews).

As Jonathan soon enters his 25th year of imprisonment, this author has shared hope with many others that upon conclusion of previous presidential terms, the outgoing Chief Executive would include Jonathan in the various clemencies and pardons granted. Unfortunately these have not materialized, but at least there was hope, even in the case of former President Clinton.

However, with Barak Hussein Obama’s ascendance to the Presidency and by virtue of his policies which display open and blantant hostility (understatement?) toward Israel and not withstanding petitions for clemency for Jonathan, such as the Israeli Citizens’ Yom Kippur Petition for Pollard signed by this author and others, this author views the situation as compelling for Ultimate Appeal to The Highest Authority — Ha Kodesh Borchu. That’s what these once-a-month Mishmar dedications L’Zechut Jonathan are all about.

Until now, it has been difficult getting wider coverage and participation in these Mishmar dedications beyond Ramat Beit Shemesh, but there is hope that through the use of various Social Media platforms, we can press for wider exposure by urging all Jews to act; with the prayers, learning and kindnesses, and that we can “Storm the Heavens” on behalf of Jonathan’s release. And what better time than during the 10 Days of Teshuva between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur when Jews are written and sealed for life in the coming year?

Please, I urge all of you to take part in next Thursday’s prayers, Mishmar learning and chessed so that we can “Storm the Heavens” for Jonathan Pollard’s freedom and return to the Jewish brethren in Eretz Yisrael.

Tizke L’Mitzvot and L’Shana Tova!

Moshe Burt

**For complete information on all aspects of the Jonathan Pollard story, click here for the authorized Jonathan Pollard website.