Ya’alon: Israeli Elites, ‘Peace Now’ Harmful “Viruses”

Allies, or Will Ya’alon Fold?

Both the Jerusalem Post and Israel National News are reporting that Vice Premier and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon apparently spoke recently likening ‘Peace Now’ and Israeli elitists to “viruses” and expressing support for the positions of Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit:

Speaking in a closed meeting organized by Feiglin for Manhigut Yehudit members this week, Ya’alon openly expressed his fears that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu might succumb to the Left.

“Even today we must remain concerned. I am still worried and they [the media and Left] have power to influence the prime minister… The virus ‘Peace Now,’ and if you will, the elites, their damage is great.”

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“As far as I’m concerned, Jews can, and should live in all of the Land of Israel forever,” Ya’alon said to applause.

The minister went on to say that as he had said on many occasions while serving in the IDF, “Every time they [the government] bring the dove of peace, the army has to clean up after it.”

Feiglin, who Netanyahu considers a dangerous political foe, was visibly pleased with the vice premier’s sentiments.

“What is important to us is to cooperate on every positive move you make, and it’s obvious you will make such moves. In our party you will find this group helpful,” he said referring to Manhigut Yehudit members, “and we will do good things together.”

The prime minister’s office in response said that Netanyahu, who is currently on a private vacation, will summon Ya’alon for a closed conversation when he returns.

Ehud Barak’s office issued a statement in response to the report, saying that the Defense Minister and the Labor Party “are committed to advancing a two-state solution, while upholding interests crucial to Israel’s security.”

“This is an undignified statement that does not dignify Ya’alon,” sources close to Barak said, adding that “Peace Now is an integral and important part of the democratic and pluralistic debate in Israeli society.”


Does “Boogie” have the guts, backbone, moral courage and conviction as well as, excuse the use of a crass American word — gonads, to stand up to Bibi and emerge on top? Or will Feiglin and MY end up looking foolish?? Smart money says that Ya’alon will fold and back off of his statements. But we could always be surprised. (MB)