Wednesday Thru Friday War News: 14 Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorists’ Molotov Attacks, Stonings and Shootings in Yesha Locations

IDF Arrests Seven Terror Suspects in Yesha [Near Shechem, Ramallah and Kalkilya Areas]

Firebomb Attack Near Bethlehem

Israeli Car Damaged in Molotov Cocktail Attack South of Jerusalem [3 Molotovs Thrown]

Soldier Lightly Hurt as Palestinians Stone His Car Near Hebron

Molotov Cocktail Hurled at Israeli Car [Near Village of Tzurif in Bethlehem Area]

IDF Arrests Seven Arab Terror Suspects

Two Wounded in Terror Attack [in Binyamin Region]

Two Israelis Lightly Hurt in… Shooting [Between the Towns of Eli and Ma’aleh Levona]