Thursday Thru Sunday War News: Kassam From Gaza Hits West Negev, Arab Arson in Galilee?, 7 Terrorists Nabbed, Arabs Stone Jews Near Shechem, Kalkilya, Jews Attacked at Tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik, Regime Removes Jews From Destroyed Town of Homesh

Kassam From Gaza Explodes in West Negev

IDF Arrests Four Terror Suspects in Yesha

Arabs Suspected of Arson of Galilee Factory

PA Arabs Stone Car in Samaria [Near Shechem]

Jewish Worshipers Attacked [at Tomb of Shimon HaTzaddik] in Jerusalem

IDF Sabbath Violations in Homesh [Removed Jewish Youths]

Related report: [More Regime Mind Games?] IDF: Sabbath Evacuation [of Homesh] Was for Security Concerns

IDF Arrests Three Terror Suspects Near Itamar

Rock Attack [on Jewish Autos] Near Kalkilya