Shabbos Thru Tuesday War News: Gaza Mortar Injures Jew in South; Pipe Bomb Found Near Kalkilya, Knife in Auto in South Hebron Hills, Terror Attack at Shuafat Checkpoint Foiled, Jew Wounded by Arab Stone-Throwers Near Ariel, IDF Nabs 21 Arab Terrorists

Man Injured by Mortar Shell in Zimrat, East of Gaza

IDF Arrests Ten Terror Suspects in Yesha

Israelis Wounded by Palestinian Stone-Throwers [in Town of Kif el-Khares Near Ariel]

Palestinian[s] Caught in Possession of 16-cm Knife at [Ra’as Hamis] Checkpoint [Terror Attack at Shuafat Checkpoint Foiled]

IDF Arrests Five Terror Suspects [in Shomron, in Tulkarm, in Kalkilya]

[Motsei Shabbos] IDF Finds Pipe Bomb Near [Kalkilya] Security Fence [and Knife in Arab Vehicle in Southern Hebron Hills]

IDF Arrests Six Terror Suspects [in Shechem, Bethlehem Areas]