Tuesday Thru Friday War News: UNIFIL Finds 20 Launch-Ready Katyushas in South Lebanon; Terrorists Fire on IDF Troops, Fire Kassam Near Karni Crossing; 21 Illegals Nabbed Being Smuggled to Jerusalem, Israel to Limit Operations in PA Cities, Israeli Arab Radio Station Promotes Terror, IDF Nabs 13 Terrorists, 10 Arabs Nabbed for Weapons Trafficking

[Three Years Later in Lebanon] UNIFIL Finds 20 Katyushas Ready for Launch, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Palestinians Fire on IDF Troops at Gaza Border [Nahal Oz Fuel Depot]

Terrorists Fire Kassam at Israel [Falls South of Karni Border Crossing]

IDF Captures 21 Palestinians Trying to Infiltrate Jerusalem in Trunk of Bus

Israeli [Radio] Station Accused of Supporting Terrorism, by Maayana Miskin (Israel National News)

Israel Agrees to Limit Anti-Terror Operations in PA Cities

IDF Troops Arrest Seven Wanted Palestinians [Terrorists]

Ten East Jerusalem [Arab] Men Held for Weapons Trafficking

IDF Arrests Six Terror Suspects [in Kalkilya, Ramallah]