Shabbos Thru Tuesday War News: IDF Navy Blocks Blockade-Breaker Contraban Ship, Arab Bomb Attempt Foiled Near Karni, Gaza Arab Infiltration Foiled, Gaza Mortar Fire at IDF; 37 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Terrorist With Huge Knife Nabbed, Arab Arson-Rock Attack in Yitzhar, Arab Arson Attack at Bat Ayin, Israeli Bus Hit by Molotovs Near Bethlehem

Parsha Balak 5769: Agenda Behind Toleration of Evil in the Camp


by Moshe Burt

In previous years when speaking about Parsha Balak, about Bila’am’s scheme to lure Jewish men to immorality and avodah zora, as well as connecting Pinchas’ action, in killing Zimri and Kosbi in the act of co-habitation before the Assembly, this author referred back to a posuk in Parsha Ki Tisa;

You shall annoint Aaron, his sons and their descendents as Kohanim…

But Pinchas was omitted by the posuk in Parsha Ki Tisa as he was born in Mitzrayim, before Yetziyot Mitzrayim, before Matan Torah, to Aaron’s son Elazar, heir to Aaron’s position of Kohen Godol. The Kohanic inheritance and lineage would only kick in after Matan Torah, thus by the annointment of Aaron and his sons, Pinchas Ben Elazar fell through the cracks. [...]  Click here to read more.

Tuesday Thru Friday War News: UNIFIL Finds 20 Launch-Ready Katyushas in South Lebanon; Terrorists Fire on IDF Troops, Fire Kassam Near Karni Crossing; 21 Illegals Nabbed Being Smuggled to Jerusalem, Israel to Limit Operations in PA Cities, Israeli Arab Radio Station Promotes Terror, IDF Nabs 13 Terrorists, 10 Arabs Nabbed for Weapons Trafficking

Shabbos Thru Monday War News: Attack and Found Explosives Ne Gaza’s Kissufim Crossing; Stonings of Jewish Autos in, Near Hevron, 12 Terrorists Nabbed

Parsha Chukas 5769: Rachel Imeinu’s Tefillot: Demarcation Point Between Corruption and Caring?


by Moshe Burt

The placement in Torah of the Parah Adumah in our Parsha Chukat raises questions as to why it and it’s Halachot are mentioned here in our Parsha; only after Korach’s rebellion and after the continued murmuring of the Am against Moshe Rabbeinu, and after the plague which killed thousands only ending with Aaron’s carrying an incense pan amongst the people (upon Moshe’s instruction), and after the story of the rods.

“Rabbi Artscroll” presents one answer to the question of placement in a commentary in The Stone Chumash on the words at the beginning of our Parsha : [...]  Click here to read more.

Wednesday Thru Friday War News; Firebomb Attack Near Karnei Shomron, 26 Terrorists Nabbed, Arab Woman Tries to Stab Soldier, Arab Attack on Tel Aviv Police Officer

Parsha Korach 5769-A: Was Dying by Heavenly Fire Worth the Incense?


Commentary by Moshe Burt

The legendary Jeff Seidel sent around this Parsha HaShevua Korach to Facebook subscribers:

Parshat Korach relates the story of Korach, Datan, Aviram and 250 members of the shevet (tribe) or Reuven challenging Moshe’s choice for Kohen Gadol (high priest). The end result was that the 250 members were burned by a heavenly fire, and the other 3 were miraculously swallowed by the earth. From a motive perspective, Korach makes the most sense, because he felt slighted for not having been chosen himself. But why would 250 people follow him to their certain death, with apparently little to gain? [...]  Click here to read more.

Bibi’s Speech: Capitulation to Obama — Partial Analysis

The IRIS blog has offered a valuable analysis of prime minister Netanyahu’s Sunday night speech set in contrast with then-MK Netanyahu’s impassioned plea in 2002 to the Likud central committee against a “Palestinian state”, the position of then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. With his speech on Sunday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu has capitulated on his previously-held principles concerning “two states”.

What everyone may be overlooking are these points;

1/ By his endorsement of “two states”, Hashem, history and the Jewish Divine legacy connected to Eretz Yisrael is nowhere in the equation. [...]  Click here to read more.

Be Alert: 18 Soldiers Infected with Swine Flu by Tourists Last Week

Israel National News has cited an Army radio report indicating that IDF soldiers have recently been infected with swine flu:

Eighteen soldiers from different units were infected with the H1N1 swine flu virus last week, when they came in contact with a group of youngsters from the United States who were taking part in the Birthright program, according to a Tuesday report on Army Radio.

The soldiers were hospitalized for tests, then released to their homes in good condition. The army says it will continue to monitor their condition and praised the medical corps for acting quickly to isolate the soldiers and prevent the spread of the disease. [...]  Click here to read more.

Sunday Thru Tuesday War News: Another Kassam Attack, on Ashkelon Beach, IDF Response — Hit Smuggling Tunnels; 19 Terrorists Nabbed, Terrorists Shot at Jewish Auto, Rock Attacks Around Jerusalem