Wednesday, Thursday War News: They’re Back! — Kassam and Mortar Attacks on South From Gaza, IAF Bombs Tunnels; 28 Terrorists Nabbed, Soldier Killed in Raid Near Ramallah, Police Kill Terrorist at Hevron’s Machpela Cave


Can there be any great surprise at all at the return of rocket and mortar bombardment of Southern Israel from Gaza? How many more times will we see this predictable cycle repeat itself due to continued revelations of the weakness of a secular regime which has long ago lost sight of how and why they, we are here? How many more times will the masses watch this cycle repeat itself before they get their backs up and kick these spineless, corrupt, faithless rascals out — every last one of them? Bring on strong, faith-based governance. MB

Kassam Fired From Gaza Strip Hits Eshkol Region

Mortar Attack on Eshkol Region

Palestinians Fire Kassam Rocket at Southern Israel [Ashkelon Beach Region]

Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnels [in the Rafah Border Area]

Targeted Six Smuggling Tunnels and a Hamas Outpost in the Gaza Strip (IDF Spokesperson May 6th, 2009)

3 Mortar Shells Fired at Sha’ar Hanegev

Sixteen Terror Suspects Apprehended in Yesha [in Shechem, Near Kalkilya, Near Ramallah, Near Bethlehem]

Soldier Killed in Raid Near Ramallah [by Friendly or Enemy Fire?], by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Border Police Kill Suspected Attacker at [Hevron’s] Machpela Cave

IDF Arrests 12 Terror Suspects [in Bethlehem, Hevron and Jenin]