Recent Chol HaMo’ed War News: Egypt Hits Hamas, Hezbollah in Sinai, Gaza for Own Defense Reasons, Gaza Boat Loaded with Explosives Blows Up; Bedouin Smuggler to Hamas Indicted, 13 Terrorists Nabbed, Stonings and Harrassment in Old City, Hevron, Ramle, Arabs Stone Rabbi Sternbuch’s Car — Rabbi Unharmed


Is Egypt “On the job”, or do her recent actions against Hamas and Hezbollah constitute one-time validation? How many tunnels continue operation under Egypt’s nose?

Is it possible that these recent actions reflect nothing more than Egypt acting against Hezbollah out of concern for her own national security regarding threat posed by Iran and Hezbollah and their alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood and possible strategic strikes by Iranian agents against Egypt’s economic lifeline? (MB)

Egypt Destroys Six Gaza Smuggling Tunnels

Egypt: 10 Hezbollah Men Hiding in Sinai

Gaza Fishing Boat Explodes in Apparent Attempted Terror Attack

IDF Chief of Staff: Gaza Boat Loaded with Explosives

Bedouin Smugglers Armed Hamas [One Charged Monday in Be’er Sheva District Court], by Maayana Miskin (Israel National News)

IDF Arrested Five Arab [Terrorists] Suspects in Yesha [in Shechem, Ramallah]

Arab Stone-Throwers Target Jewish Pilgrims in Jerusalem, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (Israel National News)

“…Local Arabs had expected and prepared an ambush for the Jewish worshipers.”

Arabs Stone Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch’s Car [Rabbi Unharmed]

Arab Detained After Harassing Jewish Visitors to Jerusalem [Planned Attack on Jews Visiting Kotel]

2 Police Officers Injured by Stone Throwers [in Ramle]

3 Arabs Arrested for Stone Throwing in Old City

Palestinians Throw Rocks at Israeli Car [Near Hevron]

IDF Detains 8 Wanted PA Arabs [Terrorists]