State Comptroller’s “Pollard Probe” Shallow; Claims “No Authority” to Probe




As with the commentary, immediately below this one. which relates to the bogus Regime/SELA libelous media report, so too, in the case of the regime’s latest machinations regarding Jonathan Pollard, as related through its blatantly leftist surrenderist MSM mouthpiece Ha’aretz and another two-bit beat reporter; the old adage kicks in: “tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth.” Then keep on telling it and every telling self-reinforces the bogus “truth (sic)” of the previous tellings.

So much for Ha’aretz’s latest libelous re-incantations:

Pollard has been treated more than reasonably. All his legal and other expenses have been financed by the state of Israel.

The [State] comptroller is now completing a secret report, most of whose details will obviously not be released – for reasons of state security and foreign relations – about the conduct of the government and its intelligence community in the last few years of this sad affair. The report was written by the security division of the State Comptroller’s Office, headed by Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov “Mendi” Orr.

It seems that the comptroller did not find evidence of serious neglect by the governments of Israel, although between the lines it may be concluded that these bodies didn’t go out of their way to bring about Pollard’s release either.

Meanwhile, the Justice for Jonathan Pollard group writes:

J4JP wishes to reiterate that the abandonment of Jonathan Pollard by the Government of Israel is so absolute that in 24 years neither Jonathan nor his wife have ever received a cent from Israel and live in poverty and distress. The Government lies to the public and claims that it is helping them and providing for all of their needs. The Pollards do not want money; all they want is Jonathan home. This… is cited only as an absolute reflection of how deep the abandonment is. Is this the way a government treats an agent it intends to bring home?

Prior to the inception of this fake “investigation”, the Pollards appealed to Lindenstrauss to force the government to produce evidence to back up its lies which claim that it is helping the Pollards “in every respect possible”. Lindenstrauss responded that he has no authority to ask for testimony or evidence in his “investigation” and that he must rely on WHATEVER GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TELL HIM!

And a Talkback responding to the Haaretz piece writes:

If Israel “paid all of Jonathan Pollard’s legal expenses” why do ALL of Jonathan’s attorneys work pro-bono? This is one of the many lies that Lindenstrauss is peddling –the worst ones will be classified, of course!

By State Comptroller Lindenstrauss’s abject failure to investigate the Jonathan Pollard affair, he has again shown himself to be consistent; a lot of bluster and no beef, as with his findings regarding the Gush Katif Expulsion, Amona and Lebanon War investigations, his Olmert corruption investigations and more. Shameful indeed!

How ironic it is that Israel would give back hundreds or thousands of Jewish blood-stained terrorists in hopes of getting back a kidnapped Sabra in the name of not leaving a soldier captive on the field of battle, yet will do NOTHING at all for a Jew who put Israel first before his very own well-being. MB