Terror Car Bombing Attempt Fails at Haifa Mall



A massive attempted car bombing attack was averted at Haifa’s Lev Hamifratz mall when one of several explosive devices hidden in a parked auto failed and thanks to an alert mall employee who reported hearing an explosion at about 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

Here is a clear case of Hashem’s will to prevent massive loss of Jewish life, although there are those who will attribute the failed event to merely, Derech HaTeva, the mal-function of an explosive device.

The Jerusalem Post reports on the car bombing attempt:

Police sappers… dispatched to scan the area…. found a partially exploded bomb in the trunk of a white Subaru car which was parked outside the shopping center.

A further search of the vehicle uncovered several more unexploded bombs, which were neutralized by the sappers. No one was injured.

It was not immediately clear how the vehicle managed to get past the security checks at the mall entrance. The car was registered to a woman who lives in Jerusalem, but police would not release her identity. Northern District head Cmdr. Shimon Koren told Army Radio on Sunday morning that the vehicle had been stolen.

Police immediately moved to evacuate the mall, which was filled with shoppers, and sealed off the area.

The name of the vehicle owner was not revealed although Israel National News reports:

  • The car in which the explosives were found was registered to a woman who lives in eastern Jerusalem, police said.

Northern District Commander Shimon Koren said that “the background of the incident is almost certainly hostile terrorism. We see no signs of anything else.”

The Jerusalem Post report continues:

Northern Police spokesman Moshe Weitzman told… that “dozens of kilograms of explosives” were uncovered in the car.

The ‘Free Galilee’ terror group has claimed responsibility for an attempted car bombing attack…

The mall and the surrounding area were reopened on Sunday morning.

When will the governance of Israel get the Divine message of a massive tragedy overted and move from spineless to a government of backbone and principle? Or will it take Heaven forbid, massive casualties to send a message both to the government and to the Israeli masses? MB