Thursday Night, Friday War News: At Least 7 Rockets Hit South, IAF Hits Smuggling Tunnels; 2 Terrorists Nabbed

Kassam Hits Open Area South of Ashkelon, No Casualties

Grad Rocket Slams into Netivot; IAF bombs Smuggling Tunnels, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Related report: Update: Grad Rocket Landed Near Netivot Synagogue [6th Rocket Launched in Evening, 5 Were Launched During Daylight Hours]

IAF Attcked Five Smuggling Tunnels in the Southern Gaza Strip (IDF Spokesperson)

Kassam Rocket Fired From Gaza Lands near Netivot; None Wounded

Kassam Attack on Sderot and Netivot

Two Mortar Shells Hit Western Negev; None Hurt, No Damage Reported

Army Arrests Two Terror Suspects in Judea and Samaria [Near Ramallah, Bethlehem]