Friday War News: Bibi’s War on Feiglin and Jews; Gaza Mortars Fall in Negev, 3 Arabs Nabbed Infiltrating from Gaza; 11 Terrorists Nabbed, 6 Islamics Nabbed for Attacking Jewish Girl, Arab Found With Weapons Cache Near Ma’arat HaMachpela, Arabs Stone Jewish Car Near Hevron



While Bibi is preoccupied, above all else, with dumping Feiglin and other principled Likud Candidates lower and lower on Likud’s list and making his latest absurd revisions, there is a two front war going on — the Arab/Islamic external war to annihilate us, as shown below, and the Bibi, Olmert, Livni, Barak war on Torah and Yiddishkiet. Bibi is showing himself easily as incompetent and unqualified to lead, if not more so, than are the Kadima/Labor troika. MB

2 Mortars Fall in Negev; No Injuries Reported

IDF Arrests 3 Unarmed Palestinians Who Tried to Infiltrate from Gaza Strip

9 Wanted Palestinians Nabbed

[2] Shechem Terrorists Arrested by IDF

6 Palestinian Teens Arrested for Assaulting Jewish Girl Near Jerusalem [Nevei Samuel]

Rock Attack in Hevron

Arab Found with Tools of Terrorism near Machpelah Cave

Palestinians Throw Stones at Israeli Vehicle Near Hebron; None Hurt