Shabbos War News: Kassam Hits Near Ashkelon, Chayal Loses Leg in Gaza Mortar Attack, Gaza Crossings Closed; Eight Israelis Including Chabad Rabbi, Wife Dead in Mumbai Terror, Unknown Number Israelis Still Missing in Mumbai, Terrorists Used Google Earth in Attack

Kassam Fired From Northern Gaza Strip Lands Near Ashkelon; No Casualties

Soldier Loses Leg [Eight Soldiers Wounded in an Islamic Gaza] in Mortar Shell Attack [on IDF base at Nahal Oz]

Gaza Crossings Closed After Weekend Attacks

Foreign Ministry Confirms Deaths of Eight Israelis [Including Chabad Shaliach Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka] in Mumbai, by Yaakov Lappin (Jerusalem Post)

Israelis Still Missing in Mumbai; Jewish Agency to Help

Report: Terrorists Used Google Earth to Target Sites [As Hezbollah Did in Lebanon Conflict]

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