Tuesday War News: Arab Infiltrator Nabbed Near Kissufim, Israel to Replace Gaza’s Worn Shekalim; 149 of Terrorists Set for Release doing Time for Attempted Murder, 8 Terrorists Nabbed, Syria’s Missile Tests While Livni Calls 1701 “Best Choice,” 1 Jew Injured in Hevron Stonings

Arab Infiltrator Arrested Near Kissufim

Israel to Replace Worn Out Shekel Notes in Gaza Strip

8 PA Arab [Terrorist] Fugitives Caught

Almagor: 149 of the Terrorists Slated for Release Serving Time for Attempting Murder, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

These are amongst the terrorists which the
cabinet approved by vote in 3 minutes flat. MB

‘IDF Detects Syrian Test-Launches of Ground to Ground Missiles’


Syria’s arsenal of missiles is based mainly on antiquated soviet ware upgraded and improved in Syria, the missiles – with a range of 300-700 km. – can still reach any target in Israel.

Syria is believed to hold chemical warheads in its arsenal and is also suspected to have experimented with biological warheads.

However, the inaccurate and heavy Scud missiles – of which Syria has about 1,000 – only supplement dozens of batteries of smaller rockets with a shorter range but also greater accuracy.

Livni: 1701 Was the Best Choice to Make

“United Nations resolution 1701 has not put an end to Hizbullah’s weapons smuggling, the decision to approve the resolution was the right choice to make, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said on Monday.”

PM Olmert Calls for Ministers Not to Mention Failure of UN Resolution 1701, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Arabs Throw Rocks Near Hevron, Hurt Jew