Jews Violently Denied Access to Kever Rachel Under False Pretense



As has repeatedly occurred in the past, police again seem to be denying Jews access to pray at Rachel’s Tomb in the days leading up to Tisha B’av, ostensibly under the guise of a “security situation.”

It would seem highly likely that the government, through permitting Arabs to reside in proximity to the Kever and then walling it in to facilitate attempting to close down access or, to enable turning access on and off at will, are attempting to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of creating conditions (i.e. fear of visiting the Kever and it’s resultant neglect) for a repetition of the regime’s previous Kever Yosef abandonment. MB

Worshippers Trying to Enter Rachel’s Tomb Dispersed by Police

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A group of 30 Jewish worshippers tried to force their way into Rachel’s Tomb on Monday night, police said.

The group, who were protesting the security limitation to access the holy site just south of Jerusalem, were forcibly dispersed by police, Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.

Four suspects were detained for questioning.

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MK Ariel Slams Police Brutality

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MK Uri Ariel (NRP-NU) slammed Jerusalem police Monday, saying officers sought to “silence” protesters during demonstrations near Rachel’s Tomb.

“It is no surprise that the police breaks journalists’ cameras and silences protesters as a matter of routine,” he said. “This is the result of a forgiving attitude of (senior police officials) with regard to other, similar incidents involving police officers.”

MKs Want Free Access to Rachel’s Tomb on Tisha B’av

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MK Uri Ariel (NRP-NU) and former MK Hanan Porat have asked Jerusalem police commander Aharon Franco to allow worshippers free access to Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem during the Tisha B’av fast, which begins at sundown on Saturday night.

“At this time, when serious questions have arisen about our link to the Land of Israel and our right to live here, there is special meaning to prayers at Rachel’s Tomb for our children to return home,” they wrote in a letter.

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