Barak News Conference: Jig Up for Olmert, or Another Fade-Away Promise?



Labor Party leader Ehud Barak promised the party that he would call for Olmert’s resignation in the period prior to the final Winograd report. But then he backtracked and Olmert remained.

It is interesting, in light of the above, that while he claims that Labor will quit the coalition of Olmert does not resign, he commits to no timetable as to an Olmert resignation or leave of absence.

The question is, are Barak’s threats shallow and meaningless, or will he carry through?

It is plain that no honest alternative to Olmert exists within established Israeli political leadership, not Livni, not Barak, not Ramon, not Sheetrit, not Netanyahu and not Sylvan Shalom.

It is clear that there is ONLY one honest, moral alternative governmental leadership — Manhigut Yehudit! MB

Barak Calls Sudden Press Conference This Afternoon, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)


A day after the Talansky testimony against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Ehud Barak – currently his government ally but soon-to-be his political rival – has called a sudden press conference for 1:30 PM. His options include taking Labor out of the government and thus bringing about early elections, working to form a unity government with Netanyahu and without Olmert, or simply calling on Olmert to resign.

The press conference is being called following testimony by New York businessman and philanthropist Moshe Talansky yesterday, in which he detailed how he gave Ehud Olmert gifts and loans totalling some $300,000 over the course of several years. Talansky explained that Olmert always wanted the money in cash, that at least some of it was used to fund fancy cigars, pens, or personal vacations for Olmert and his family, and that the “loaned” money was never repaid, despite requests by Talansky.

Related report: Barak to Demand that Olmert Leave Office at Press Conference at 1:30 P.M.

Full Text;

Defense minister and Labor Chairman Ehud Barak will announce at a press conference scheduled for 1:30 p.m. that he is demanding that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert step down of declare himself temporarily incapacitated.

Army Radio reported that Barak is also mulling the option of posing an ultimatum whereas Labor will quit the coalition, thus bringing down the government, if the prime minister does not leave office.

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