Shabbos, Sunday War News: Grad-Type Katyusha Hitting Ashkelon, Kassams, Mortars Launched From Gaza, Seven Gaza Terrorists Hit in Battle With IDF, Attempted Infiltration North of Kissufim; 7 Terrorists Nabbed Near Bethlehem, Hevron, Infiltration Attempt Near Elkana, Rock Attacks, Moslems Hack Bank of Israel Website

Katyusha [Grad] Damages Ashkelon Garage [Friday; Grad Rocket Landed in Ashkelon Cemetery]

href=”″>Kassam Attack [Two Rockets Fired], None Injured

Kassam Fired From Gaza Lands in Sdot Negev Area; No Casualties

Gaza: Three Terrorists in Critical Condition [Seven Islamics Injured]

IDF Troops Nab Two Terrorist Infiltrators [Who Entered North of Kissufim] From Gaza Strip

Related report; Soldiers Find Infiltrators, Search for Weapons

Eight Mortar Shells, Three Rockets on Shabbat

IDF Arrests Five Wanted Terrorists [Near Bethlehem]

Israeli Car Damaged as Rocks Thrown at it Near Kalkilya; No Casualties

Two [Arab Terrorists] Arrested in Hevron Region

Soldiers Shoot Would-be Infiltrator Near Elkana

Moslem Hackers Close Down Bank of Israel Website, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

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