Friday War News: Rockets Fired at Ashkelon, 30 Terrorists Nabbed in Gaza, Hamas: “Truce” or Hudna; Terrorists Kill Two Israeli Armed Guards, Israel Frees 10 Al Aqsa Gunmen, 2 Molotov Cocktails Tossed in Jerusalem’s Abu Tor

4 Rockets Fired at Ashkelon; One Lands Near Strategic Facility

Related report; Kassam Rocket [One of Four Launched at Ashkelon Industrial Area] Explodes Near Strategic Site

30 Palestinians Arrested in Gaza Operation; No IDF Casualties Reported

Hamas: We’ll Stop Rocket Fire But Not Arms Smuggling [After All, Isn’t This What Hudna is?; Ceasefire to Build Up Even Greater to Attack and Destroy]

Related report; Hamas Says Willing to Accept 6-Month Truce, by Ali Waked (Ynet)


“Israel says it is ready for ‘quiet’ at the Gaza border, but that it would require a complete halt to attacks by Hamas on Israelis, a stop to cross-border rocket fire from all Palestinian groups and an end to weapon smuggling into Gaza.”

Two Israelis Killed by Palestinian [Islamic] Terrorists Near Tulkarm [Near Netanya]


“Palestinian terrorists opened fire at them in the Nitzane Shalom industrial complex near Tulkarm…. The Nitzane Shalom complex was built in 1995. It houses nine factories that provide jobs to many Palestinians from the West Bank.”

Related report; Terrorists Murdered Two Armed Guards near Netanya

Israel Pardons 10 Fatah [Al Aqsa Gunmen] Operatives

Israeli Car Damaged as 2 Molotov Cocktails Thrown in Abu Tor [Neighborhood of Jerusalem]; None Hurt

Arab Teen Attacks Ambulance in Jerusalem

Israeli Car Pelted by Rocks Near Jenin, No Injuries

89 Arab Suspects Arrested in Yesha

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