Friday War News: IDF Ops in Gaza, Kassams Blitz South; Youth Rock Thrower Nabbed, Rock Attacks, Firebombs in Yesha, Galilee; 6 Terrorists Nabbed


Woman Lightly Hurt in Kassam Attack on Sderot; IDF Strikes in Gaza

Two Kassam Rockets Landed in Sderot Area; None Wounded

IDF Fires at Kassam Rocket Launchers

IDF Hits Enemy Gunmen in Northern Gaza Operation

IDF Forces Prepare for Gaza Incursion, by Hanan Greenberg (Ynet)

Defense Minister Orders “Color Red” Sirens for Ashkelon

Related reports;

Ashkelon Katyushas Came From Iran Via Egypt, by Ezra HaLevi (Israel National News)

Ashkelon Shelling Draws Record Day of IAF Air Strikes on Gaza, by Ezra HaLevi (Israel National News)

30 Rockets Fired at Negev So Far Today [Thursday Evening]

Official: Kassam range May Reach 20 KM. by 2009

Two Rockets Fired at Eshkol Region

20 IDF Attacks in Gaza in 24 Hours

IDF Pounds Gaza; Scores Hurt [At Least 13 Pals Killed]

IDF Hits Rocket Squad

Two Gazans Killed in IDF Attack Near Shifa Hospital

IDF Gaza Op ‘May Topple Hamas’ [To Replace with the Equally Evil Fatah — as if They Were Not ALL One — to Destroy US!]

Kassam Rocket Falls North of Gaza; No Casualties

Two Kassams Launched From Gaza Hit Israel; No Casualties

IDF Arrests Six Terror Suspects [Near Shechem, Bethlehem]

Galilee Arabs Throw Rocks on Bus

Fire Bomb at IDF Near Hevron

Rock Attack Hurts Child Lightly Near Itamar

Arabs Throw Rocks on Israeli Vehicles in Judea

Police: East Jerusalem Girl Planned to Carry Out Suicide Bombing

Palestinian, 14, Arrested for Throwing Rocks at Bus Near Karmiel

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