Shas: Internet Law While Jerusalem Gets Carved



While Olmert, Livni, Abbas and Qurei carve up Jerusalem daily and excise our very heart, the Shas politicians are more concerned about their pet projects. How is it they focus on what you see on the internet while whaffling TOTALLY about Jerusalem?

Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA (Independent Media Research and Analysis) wrote this 5 weeks ago about Shas and Jerusalem. It is worth re-reading;

Considering that the negotiations are taking place in secret it is hardly clear if Shas will actually know when Jerusalem is the subject of negotiations. But even if taken at face value the approach makes absolutely no sense. And the absence of logic should most certainly be clear to negotiating masters like Yishai.

Leaving the Jerusalem issue to the end of the talks means throwing in all the chips before the issue is settled.

“We are so close to the peace we all so desperately want. All the other issues have been settled. Are a bunch of stones more valuable than the Israeli blood that will flow if the deal is not made?” So will argue not only the Olmert team and their supporters in the media etc. but also Rabbi Yosef.

Rabbi Yosef could readily take the position that for “pikuach nefesh” (life endangering situation) Israel has to cut a deal on Jerusalem at all costs.

The “pikuach nefesh” standard for Rabbi Yosef relies heavily on expectations regarding the short term consequences of a decision rather than long term, so it would not be particularly difficult for the Olmert team to provide Rabbi Yosef with various “experts” to back a “trade Jerusalem to save lives” ruling.

What’s the sense of an internet law if the heart of our people has been torn from our body? MB

Shas Bill to Face First Vote

Full Text;

A bill sponsored by the Shas party that seeks to limit access to pornography, gambling, and violence on the Internet will face its first Knesset vote on Wednesday. The bill would require those who wish to access websites with gambling or pornography to request access from their Internet provider. Shas has not provided a list of the specific sites that would be blocked under its proposed law.

The bill is one of three issues seen as a potential way to mollify Shas and keep it in the coalition despite the Palestinian Authority’s insistence that Israel and the PA are negotiating over Jerusalem. Coalition MKs are reportedly working to enlist a majority to vote for the bill.

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