Sunday War News: Another Day, More Kassams, IDF Kills 12 Hamas in Gaza Fighting; Iran Launches “Scientific” Rocket; 16 Terrorists Nabbed in Shechem, Elsewhere

Building Damaged, Several People in Shock After Kassam Hits Sderot

IDF Kills Three More Hamas Operatives in Gaza

“The army has been operating in Gaza since early Sunday morning.”

Nine Palestinian Gunmen Wounded in Clashes With IDF in Southern Gaza

Iran’s Research Rocket Successfully Transmits Scientific Data

“The launch… provoked unease abroad because the same technology used to construct rockets can also be used to deliver warheads. Iran insists its space program is… working toward the launch of the country’s first domestically built satellite this summer.”

IDF Troops Arrest 16 Terror Suspects [in Shechem and Other Yehuda, Shomron Venues]