Tuesday War News: For Each Gaza Arab 1/2 Ton Flour Daily?, Gaza Arabs Buy in Egypt With Fake Money; Arabs Rob Jerusalem Senior Who Died, Weapons, Ammo and Cocaine Found in Ramle and More


Bloggers Ask: Half a Ton of Flour [Per Day] For Each Gaza Arab?

Wouldn’t we love to know what all of that “flour” is used for?

Gaza Arabs Shopped in Egypt with Fake Money

Mortar Shell Attack near Gaza

Four Arabs Arrested for East Jerusalem Robbery [70 yo Jewish Victim Died of Apparent Heart Attack]

Stones, Molotov Cocktails Hurled at Israeli Vehicles Near Kalkilya

Weapons [Ammo, Cocaine, Heroin] Found in Ramle, Samaria Village

IDF Troops Arrest 17 Palestinian Terror Suspects

IDF Troops Arrest Bethlehem Head of Islamic Jihad

Molotov Cocktail Attacks near Ramallah