Sunday War News: Mortars From Gaza, Release of Islamic Terrorist; Hundreds of Arab Illegals, Terrorists, Hamas MP Arrested; Arabs Attack Cars near J’lem, Molotov Thrown at IDF

Two-Year-Old Boy Wounded After Kassam Hits kibbutz [Zikim] Home [Pregnant Mother Treated for Shock]

Kassam Rocket Hits Backyard of kibbutz Home; Five Suffer From Shock

1,600 Shock Victims from Gaza Rockets to Date

2 Smuggling Tunnels Discovered on Egypt-Gaza Border

Palestinians Launch 4 Mortar Shells at Israel; None Wounded

Israel Quietly Releases Senior Hamas Terrorist, by Ezra HaLevi (Israel National News)

Israel Arrests Hamas Member of Parliament

Five Arabs Arrested for Series of Robberies

Israeli Car Pelted With Stones North of Hebron; None Hurt

Troops Catch Palestinian With Improvised Handgun

Police Arrest 881 Illegal PA Arabs

Arabs Attack Cars Near Jerusalem

IDF Arrests 24 Wanted Terrorists

IDF Force Near Tulkarm Unharmed by Explosion [Fired by Islamic Gunmen]