More Reports of the Annapolis Humiliation of Jews, Israel



The opinion piece below by Pamela Geller reinforces this blog’s post of last week regarding the humiliating international spectacle we just witnessed; the chillul Hashem of Annapolis which once again reduced the Jewish people, in the eyes of the nations, to the sub-human, not- worthy-to-live status not seen since the pogroms, not seen since the Nazis conveyed it upon us while exterminating 6 million of our European brethren.

And nary a loud voice raised on this level, aside from blogosphere and people such as the opinion writer, Pamela Geller.

But this author and this blog holds by a certain principle; Don’t blame the US, or President George Bush (either the father or son), or Condi Rice or anyone else other than Israel’s governance itself whose equivocation, vacillation and persecution of Jews enabled the sordid spectacle of Annapolis.

The Olmert regime and it’s cronies, as well as the entire system of unprincipled, corrupt, immoral governance which seeks both protexia status — self-perpetuation, enrichment and aggrandisement, and the systematic elimination of anything and everything Jewish at all costs — including the nation’s political and diplomatic integrity and the security and well-being of even the leftist-endoctrinated anti-religious automatons. The governed be damned.

And so, like the spineless, totally lacking in self-esteem and self-worth creatures that they are; Olmert, Livni and company have embarrassed, humiliated and endangered ALL JEWS EVERYWHERE and have defamed Hashem’s name before the nations.

In the excerpts below from her opinion piece, Geller sums up the frightful damage caused to Am Yisrael by the despicable, political, self-debasing, void creatures; Olmert, Livni, Barak, Ramon, Sheetrit, etc.;

Under the auspices of a global “peace” conference, the White House sanctioned Jew-hatred. The Jew is contemptible, inferior, ignorant, politically and socially disenfranchised: separate entrance ways, service entrances for the Jews, refusal to touch or shake hands with a Jew, refusal of audience members to wear the translation earphones when Ehud Olmert spoke.

“Saud Al-Faisel’s ears, underneath his red keffiyah, were left bare. And no, it wasn’t because he understood Hebrew. It was the Saudi method of demonstrating their relationship to the State of Israel. Even as the Israeli Prime Minister was greeting him and speaking of peace, they were refusing to listen. For a minute I thought I was wrong that maybe there was a technical problem. But then I saw his aide next to him – also leaving his ears demonstrably naked.”

Then, as Olmert’s speech ended, and the audience applauded: “The Saudi representative also brought his palms together in order to appear polite. Only someone who sat very close to him could see that the never touched. The little game that the Saudis were playing was just one contradiction – the least noticeable one – in a day full of contradictions.

Imagine separate entrances for the leader of an African nation because a “white” leader refused to walk through the same door as the black man, because it would be unclean? And Israel took it like the ghetto Jew. They should have walked out like any self-respecting human would have done.

The post-Oslo Jew has returned to the pre-Holocaust mentality of the “ghetto Jew.” The Jew who doesn’t want to be noticed, the Jew who will do anything to appease those who hate us…

Instead of asserting our rights, our will, that we have a right, that we are the rightful heirs of Israel and Jerusalem, we are acting as if we have no rights. Instead, we are begging – begging – our enemies to recognize us and accept us!

A line in the sand was crossed last week. And anyone who claims that Annapolis was a big yawn and that nothing would come of it is living in the land of unicorns and moonbeams. The Jew as dhimmi was made official and the world was there to bear witness. Moreover, Israel laid down. Sheba Farms, Golan, Jerusalem – all were thrown on the table like so many marbles.

The protexia, etrogized and corrupt government of Israel is incapable of even defending our fundamental, axiomatic biblical, historic truths against Islamic lies and slanders because of ignorance regarding their identity as Jews and because to properly answer Islamic sheker is to concede that the Jewish Torah, history, heritage to be correct and totally accurate. Instead, the regime’s MSM mouthpieces and spin doctors go about defaming Chanukah.

The last sentence of Geller’s opinion piece, although in this author’s ignorance — the name Bat Yeor is not known, the point is well taken;

Bat Yeor was dead right in her reply when I asked her what had become of the people of Israel: “Israel is unworthy of her ancestors.”


To read the entire article, click; United States: State Sponsor of Judeophobia, by Pamela Geller (Israel National News)