Yom Tov, Friday War News: Kassams, Mortars from Gaza; IDF, Israeli Drivers Stoned, Fired Upon in Yesha

Palestinians Fire Mortars at Western Negev; None Wounded

Troops Kill Gunman Near Gaza Fence

Palestinians Fire Kassam Rocket into Israel; None Wounded

Arabs Throw Rocks at Israeli Cars in Wadi Ara [Nahal Eeron]

Arabs Fire at IDF South of Jenin

IDF Finds Weapons in Ras a-Tira [Southeast of Kalkilya]

IDF Soldiers in Roadblock find Improvised Weapons [Southeast of Shechem]

Fire Bombs on IDF in Shechem

IDF Troops Targets of Gunfire, Molotov Cocktails [Near Hevron, Balata Refugee Camp]

Israeli Car Stoned Near Ramallah; No Injuries

IDF Officer Lightly Wounded From Rocks in Bil’in

Airport Communication Being Intentionally Jammed [During Yom Tov]