Livni’s Feigned Naivete’



Would any normal self-respecting Jew in possession of even a modicom of Jewish pride or esteem expect or depend on the UN, or any other nation, including the US, to keep their word or promise about ANYTHING related to Israel considering their abysmal track records until now? Is this the way of a Real Jewish nationhood, a Real Jewish sovereignty?

Livni: Time for the UN to Keep Its Promise

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Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday and called for the UN to do more to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons for use on Israel. She reminded those present that the UN was founded with the goal of preventing a second Holocaust, saying, “It is time for the United Nations to live up to their promise of never again.”

It is clear that Iranian leaders deny the Holocaust and wish to destroy Israel, Livni said, that they contribute to regional conflict, and that they have ignored UN resolutions regarding the development of nuclear weapons. And yet, she said, some UN members block the steps necessary to stop Iran’s “sinister ambitions.” “What is the value, we have to ask,” she said, “of an organization which is unable to take effective action in the face of a direct assault on the very principles it was founded to protect?“