Thursday War News: More Kassams; Gaza Child Suicide Bomber; Rock-Throwing and Arrests

Kassam Rocket Lands Next to House in Sderot; None Wounded

Kassam Slams into Sderot; Damage and Shock, by Hillel Fendel (Israel National News)

Kassam Rocket Attack on Sderot Injures 2 (Update)

IDF Reveals it Stopped 15-Year-Old Suicide Bomber on Gaza Border

“The bomber was stopped overnight Tuesday as he approached soldiers, according to the IDF. He had reportedly strapped explosives to his body that he planned to detonate when he reached the force, the IDF said.”

Defense Official: Russia Cause of Tensions Between Israel and Syria

{Molotov] Attack [on Jewish Auto] Near Ramallah, Four Arrested

Israeli Bus Damaged by Rock-Wielding Palestinians Near Ramallah; None Hurt

Rock-Throwers Arrested Near Hevron

IDF Arrests 12 Terror Suspects Overnight in the West Bank [Yehuda, Shomron]

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