Tuesday War News: Molotovs, “Israeli” Arab Weapons Dealing, Arab Arson

IDF Troops Fired Upon Near Gaza Fence; None Hurt

IDF Arrests Five Palestinian Suspects in Hebron

PA Arab Caught With 22 Pounds of Explosives by Shechem

Terrorist Injured in Shootout with IDF Near Jenin

9 PA Fugitives Caught Near Ramallah

Arabs Throw Two Firebombs Near Kalkilya

Molotov Cocktail Attack near Kalkilya

Police Arrest Nine Arabs for Weapons Dealing

Related report:

IDF Arrests 9 Operatives Near Ramallah, Discovers Weapons Caches in Ramallah

IDF Uncovers Arms; Explosive Thrown at Troops

Palestinians Open Fire at Troops in Jenin

Terrorists Attack IDF near Shechem

Arab Arsonists Attack [Set Fire to Jewish Vegetation] Near Yitzhar

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