“Schedule Changes” = Small Turn-Out

Olmert Cancels Speech After Small Turn-Out

The perils of being the most despised, the most hated and unpopular PM in Israel’s modern history

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert cancelled his participation in the Local Government Committee on Thursday after only 10 people arrived to hear him speak, Israel Radio reported.

Regional authority leaders said that his departure was probably due to the minimal turn-out. The Prime Minister’s Office denied the accusations, saying that Olmert had left because of schedule changes.

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert abruptly canceled a planned speech to local council officials Thursday night after it was apparent that only 100 people showed up in a hall large enough to accommodate several hundred guests.

Aides to the Prime Minister said he canceled the speech because of a busy schedule, but long-time Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman said the nearly-empty hall represented lack of faith in the government.

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