Cabinet Communique: Future Tense in War; vs Terrorists and Terrorism

Cabinet Communique: Sunday, May 27, 2007 [Including Farcical/Cynical Statement?] Commentary by Dr. Aaron Lerner ( IMRA)

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Dr. Aaron Lerner – IMRA:

“He said that it must be clear to all Israelis in general, and to residents of the south in particular, that the Government will do its utmost in both the civil and military spheres, and that there will be no restrictions on action against terrorist elements and those responsible for terrorism.”

Why should this be clear when it simply isn’t true?

Oh. Wait a minute. Consider the grammar of the sentence.

It is future tense. Not present tense.

Today there are restrictions on action. The IDF is not authorized yet to carry out the massive ground operation that is commonly recognized to be the only thing that can actually stop the madness.

But, never fear – in the future “there will be no restrictions”.

And when will that future be?

After the Labor Party primaries?


More likely after the Qassams manage to do such dramatic damage that its the top story on CNN for at least 12 hours.

That’s a lot of time.

So here is a Sderot prayer:

“Please – when a rocket barrage manages to kill a lot of people – let it be a slow news day in the world.”

To read the complete Cabinet Communique, click here.

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