Sefer Torah for Adura; Done-Deal and in Time for Pesach

On Thursday, 29 March, 2007, the Sefer Torah slated for Yishuv Adura was handed to the Gabbai of Adura’s Beit Knesset.

On behalf of the residents of Yishuv Adura, I want to thank all who helped and supported my fundraising efforts to acquire and facilitate repairs of the Sefer Torah which has been donated to Yishuv Adura in memory of the 5 residents who were terror victims.

Moshe Burt flanked by Tomer Peretz of Mishmeret Kedusha (left) and Yuval Shoshani, Gabbai of Adura Beit Knesset.

Thanks to all of your kind assistance, the residents of the Yishuv have leyned over Pesach from their own Sefer Torah. A Hachnasat Sefer Torah celebration is being planned for after Shavuot.

Moshe Burt, Founder and Director
The Sefer Torah Recycling Network