Saudi Plan: Israel Must Walk Away

Embrace of Jihadist ‘Peace’ By Caroline Glick (Jerusalem Post)


Sunday, the Olmert-Livni-Peretz government has announced that it is open to negotiating on the basis of the Arab plan. As one government official told The Jerusalem Post, Israel will “not dismiss” the plan.

THIS IS Israel’s position in spite of the fact that the Arab plan calls for Israel to surrender east, north and south Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights to Hamas and Syria and for Israel to permit four to five million hostile, foreign-born Arabs posing as Palestinian “refugees” to immigrate to its truncated territory. As the “peace” plan makes clear, all these suicidal Israeli moves must come before the Arab states will be willing to have “regular” (whatever that means) relations with the indefensible, overrun Jewish state.

Commenting on the government’s position, the official explained, “We would not reject this out of hand.”

It is not surprising that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are behaving in this manner. After all, these are the same leaders who brought about Israel’s defeat in Lebanon in last summer’s war at the hands of Iran’s Hizbullah proxy army. Last summer, Olmert followed Livni’s lead in rejecting military victory as an option. Heeding Livni’s unwise, defeatist counsel, Olmert postponed the essential ground offensive in south Lebanon until it was too late to make a difference and instead opted for a negotiated cease-fire.

As is the case with the Arab “peace” plan, the cease-fire Israel enthusiastically acceded to last summer was strategically disastrous for the country. UN Security Council Resolution 1701 placed Israel on the same plane as the illegal Hezbollah terrorist organization; prevents Israel from taking steps to defend itself; does not require the safe return of IDF hostages Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser; enables Hezbollah to rearm and reassert its control over south Lebanon; and lets Hezbollah’s state sponsors Syria and Iran completely off the hook for their central role in Hezbollah’s illegal war against the Jewish state.

Recent history shows that the US and Israel will both pay heavily for the opportunism of our weak political leaders. It can only be hoped that the Israeli and American people have learned enough from our experiences to demand that our leaders stop their reckless behavior before the price of their cowardice and perfidy become unbearable.

Coincidental with the above article, this author received the following email;

Re: Secretary Rice’s press conference in Jerusalem. It is clear that all she can deliver is empty hands, and not because Olmert is not willing to bargain sell Israel to the Arabs. It is high time to start talking about the END to the “peace process” and the death to the idea of a “Palestinian” state.

Many commentators here speak regularly about reviving the “peace process.” All fail to mention the single best way to achieve it: A clear declaration that Israel is no longer interested in any peace efforts. It is time for Israel to attend to its own internal needs and forget the useless efforts to chase a peace dream that never existed to begin with.

Here is the key all of us must understand:

    In the Arab market, when the buyer walks out, the seller runs after him. This is the language they understand. Israel must walk away. If there has ever been a chance for peace, it will surface when Israel drops it!

Many thanks to Yuval.

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