Wednesday War News

Gush Etzion: Arab Rock Throwers Damage Israeli Vehicles

Dead Body of 35-Year-Old Found in Upper Galilee

IDF Soldier Wounded in Nablus Operation

Explosives Thrown at Troops in Nablus [Shechem]; No Wounded

5 Kassams Fired From Gaza; No Wounded

Shin Bet: New System Will Ease Checks of Arabs at Airport

“Once the new technology has been introduced, identical checks will be conducted for Arab and Jewish passengers and will no longer include body searches for Arabs.”

Peretz: Hamas is Using the Gaza Cease-Fire to Stockpile Weapons

Will the incompetent, still OJT defense minister do something about it? Probably not, for he’s too busy with plans to expel more Jews. MB

Kassam Rocket Falls in West Negev; None Wounded

Kassam [Falls in Negev] and Stoning Attacks [Throughout Judea and Samaria]

Police Prevent Hamas Press Conference in Jerusalem

IDF Nabs 25 Palestinian Fugitives in West Bank [Yehuda and Shomron]

IDF Investigates Attempted Kidnapping

Israeli Troops Raid Nablus

Three Jihad Terrorists Killed in Jenin

Islamic Jihad’s Commander in Jenin Killed

[Islamic Arab]Gang Rapes Jewish Women as ‘Revenge’