Thursday War News

IDF Troops Arrest Hamas Fugitive in Hebron

Explosion in Hebron

Police Arrest Illegals in Gadera

Police to Restrict Access to Temple Mount Again

Arabs Attack Israeli Vehicles [South of Shechem]

Two Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Car Near Nablus [Shechem]

Bomb thrown at IDF in Hebron; none wounded

Report: IAF Fighter Helicopters Fly Low Over Gaza

IDF Shoots, Wounds [Suspicious] Palestinian Near Gaza Fence

Rock Attack in Hebron Hills, Damage but No Injuries

Shots Fired at IDF vehicle Near Hebron; No Wounded

2 Israeli Vehicles Struck in PA Rock Attack

Evidence Backs Golan Heights [Residents’] Report on Syrian Strength

IDF Worried Hamas May Have Sagger Anti-Tank Missiles

13 PA Illegals Found in Netanya

IDF Denies Palestinian Reports of Troops in Gaza

Bomb Thrown at IDF soldiers Near Gaza Fence

IDF Troops Arrest Six Palestinian Fugitives

Palestinians Hurl Improvised Grenade at IDF troops in Nablus; No Wounded