Wednesday War News

Sinai, Jerusalem Attacks Prevented

IDF Troops Arrest Tanzim Fugitive in Ramallah

Molotovs Hurled at Jeep, Car in Judea and Samaria

Molotov Cocktail Hurled at Israeli Car; None Hurt

“Massive” Rock Attack South of Jerusalem

Rocks Damage Israeli Car Near Shechem

IDF Detonates Hezbollah Bunker Near Security Fence

Report: Lebanese Army Fires at Low-Flying IAF Planes

IDF Blows Up Hezbollah Border Tunnel

Fatah Terrorist Branch Fired Three Rockets, No Injuries

Related Report: Kassam hits West Negev; Another Reported in Ashkelon

IDF Discovers 2 Explosive Devices Near Security Fence [Central Gaza Strip]

3 Palestinians With Bomb Belt Arrested in Sinai

Report: IDF Kills Top Islamic Jihad Operative in Jenin

Related Reports

IDF Kills Terrorist Who Ordered Suicide Bombing Tuesday

Jihad Member Behind Foiled Terror Attack Killed, IDF Says

Islamic Jihad: Foiled Tuesday Bomb Just the Beginning

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Hezbollah Far from Restoring its Power, IDF Chief Says


Is Chief of Staff Ashkenazi showing himself to be like his predecessor, holding the political line of deception of the people despite the disclosures of military intelligence? For context, click here and here. MB

IDF Arrests Four Wanted [Islamic Jihad, Hamas] Terrorists

Police Break Huge [Arab] Car Theft Ring

Arab Charged With Murder of Jewish Teen

“While the murderer claims that Ben Horin’s death was an accident, and had no political motivations, police are skeptical. The murder clearly shows advance planning, they said.”