Erev Shabbos, Shabbos War News

IDF Arrests 30 Stone-Throwers Near Rachel’s Tomb

IDF soldiers Thwart Terror Attack [by Arab Teen at Checkpoint with Two Explosive Devices]

Related Story: IDF Arrests Palestinian Carrying Explosives South of Nablus [Shechem]

Palestinian Caught with Knife Near [Jewish] Hebron

Fatah Affiliate Launches 2 Homemade Projectiles at Sderot

[From Friday] Muslim Riot on Temple Mount

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Dichter: Police Moved to Stop Stoning of Western Wall

[From Friday] Rioting in Jerusalem: Policeman Lightly Injured

[From Friday] Police Surrounding Al Aksa Mosque

[From Friday] Police Detain 6 Stone Throwers in East Jerusalem

The Arabs Want the Overpass to Collapse, to Keep Jews Out’

Intimidation Tactics

[Arab] Car Thief Shoots at Police in Jerusalem

Firebombs on Two Vehicles Near Kalkilye, None Hurt

Lieberman: Hamas Will Get a ‘Blank Check’ [of World Support]

“I am worried that a Palestinian government of national unity will give Hamas the international legitimacy that it so far has lacked – without it recognizing Israel or ending the tactics of terror against us.”

Four Kassam Rockets Fired From Gaza; None Wounded