Former Ambassador Ross Expresses Support for Pollard

Former U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross Calls for Pollard Release

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As much support as former American ambassadors and officials can give toward Pollard’s release, such release will not come until Israel’s governmental leaders lobby and press honestly for that release. That means, totally frank, up-front and honest efforts made by Israel’s leaders, NO petitions left at home in secure, locked desk drawers, etc.

Until this occurs Jonathan Pollard continues to languish in prison in the US.

Full Text:

Former U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross announced at a news conference prior to attending a Canadian Jewish community function last week that it is time for the United States government to release former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard from prison.

According to a report in the Canadian Jewish Tribute newspaper, Ross said “The National Security Council and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) strongly opposed Pollard’s release. They maintain that Pollard knew facts that would jeopardize national security. But Pollard has been in jail for so long that whatever facts he might know would have little if any effect on national security today.”

Ross, now a Fox News foreign affairs analyst, made his remarks just hours after returning from a visit to Israel and Ramallah. The former ambassador served for more than 12 years under the Bush and Clinton administrations.

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