Motsei Shabbos, Sunday War News: Olmert’s Censors Back on the Job, Nearly Total Shutout of War News

IDF to Loosen Restrictions on Civilians in West Bank Sunday


The Olmert regime gives new meaning to “Foul is fair and fair is foul… as Arabs are slated to get free passage while Jews must show ID. For context, click here.

Rock Throwing Attack Causes Car To Overturn

IDF Shoots, Wounds 2 Palestinians [Who Ignored Halt Warnings] by Gaza Fence

IDF Arrests 3 Palestinian Fugitives Near Hebron

Palestinians on Saddam: We Lost a leader

The Arafat/Abbas “palestinians (sic)” have been in Saddam’s corner for decades. Nothing new here. But when will the Jews wake up to successive Israeli regimes kissing up to Arafat and then to the financier of the
Munich massacre, Mahmoud Abbas?? MB

Fire Opened at IDF Soldiers North of Ramallah; No Injuries