Wednesday War News…

Israeli Car Fired at Near Hebron; None Wounded

Gunman Killed in Jenin

Tenth Kassam Lands in West Negev; None Wounded

Kassam Lands in South Israel

Kassam Rockets Land Near Yad Mordechai

2 Molotov Cocktails Hurled at Bus Near Nablus

Firebomb Attacks in Hawarah

Palestinian Gunman Killed by IDF Troops in West Bank

HRW: Palestinians Must Not Use Civilians as Human Shields

Initial Report: Three Wounded in Shooting in South

2 Kassams Land Near Sderot; No Casualties Reported

IDF Finds 3 Rocket Launchers South of Beit Hanun

IDF Troops Fire on Two Terrorists Armed With RPGs

Security Cabinet Nixes Massive Anti-Kassam Offensive, For Now

Kassam Rocket Kills Sderot Factory Worker

Soldier Wounded in Northern Gaza Fighting

Heavy Fighting Reported in Northern Gaza [in the Beit Hanoun Area]

Two Rockets Landed in Sderot Area

Another Rocket Lands in Sderot Area

Rocket Landed Near Gil Elementary School

Kassam Rocket Attack [Near Kibbutz Yad Mordechai]

Brig.-Gen. Bachar to Command Division 91 [Galilee Division Vacated by Resignation of Brig.-Gen. Gal Hirsch] for Now

Sderot Man Hurt in Kassam Attack Dies of Wounds

IDF Captures 8 Palestinian Fugitives Overnight [Near Kalandia and in Nablus]

The Kassam Toll: Kassam Attacks Continue – Sderot Residents Pay the Price

Three Kassams Land in Open Areas in Western Negev