Olmert; Weren’t Surgical Strikes Supposed to Defeat Hezbollah? They Didn’t, Did They? Repeating the Same Tragic, Flawed Strategy in Gaza…

Olmert Prefers Surgical Strikes to Widespread Military Operation in Gaza

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Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Thursday on his return from a four-day visit to the United States that he prefers surgical strikes on terror targets in Gaza rather than a widespread military operation.

“There are many opinions on how to deal with the Kassam fire,” he said. “We must remember that this war will not be over in one blow.”

Olmert said it did not make sense to carry out an offensive similar to Operation Defensive Shield in Judea and Samaria in 2002, because in the end, it didn’t completely eradicate terrorism.

“Those who are always bringing up Defense Shield as an example and calling for a similar operation in the Gaza Strip need to remember that the terrorism will never end altogether – and in the West Bank it continues to this day,” he said.


Did air power defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon? It now seems obvious that the answer is no. And not only is the answer no, but it served as the opiate for delaying a ground offensive and for poor strategic planning on the ground which led to losing the war. And now, Olmert wants to repeat the same folly against Hamas and Popular Resistence in Gaza?

In short, Olmert’s defeatist attitude that “terrorism will never end altogether” and his preference for “surgical strikes on terror targets in Gaza rather than a widespread military operation” clearly shows his lack of faith; for he disdains Shemayim and hates anything Jewish. He craves normal life and thus lacks of will and is “too tired to fight a war to win. Thus, the apparent stark reality of what Ehud Olmert is made of. MB