Wednesday War News…

UNIFIL Does Not Track Terrorists at Night

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Palestinian Gunman Killed in IAF Airstrike in Gaza Strip

Rocket Attack on Sderot

3 Arabs Suspected of J’lem Shul Attack

Peretz Okays Transfer of 5,000 Rifles to Abbas [Their Use Against the IDF Inevitable!]

IDF Finds Stock of Guns, Ammunition in Gaza Home

IDF Casualty: St. Sgt. Kiril Golenshein, 21, of Moshav Shekef

Soldier Killed By Gunfire

Two Kassams Land Near Sderot; None Wounded

Report: Kassam Hits Building in Sderot; No Wounded

Infiltrators Apprehended Along Southern Border [Northeast of Eilat]

Heavy Gun Battles in Northern Gaza

Police Arrest 60 Illegal Palestinian Residents

IDF Arrests 16 Palestinian Fugitives in West Bank

Three [Armed] Palestinians Killed [Planting Mines] in North Gaza Fighting

UPDATE: At Least Six Palestinians Killed in IDF Raid in Northern Gaza


“During the operation, the IDF carried out three aerial attacks against armed gunmen approaching the forces and planting explosives in the area. In one incident, forces fired at two gunmen who had fired anti-tank missiles at the soldiers, and identified hitting them.

One strike targeted an armed gunman who was approaching the IDF troops operating in the area, and the second targeted a group of armed militants who were placing an explosive device near the troops. The military spokeswoman said that Palestinians fired an anti-tank missile at IDF troops in the area.”

UPDATE 2: Israeli Air Strike Kills 8 Palestinians, Wounds 20


“The Israeli Air Force attacked the northern Gaza Strip, near Beit Hanoun, early Wednesday. IDF officials reported that at least eight Palestinian gunmen were killed and about 20 others were wounded. During the operation, a number of antitank missiles were shot at IDF soldiers. “

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IDF Southern Commander: Terrorism Worse Since Expulsion

Report: Two Lightly Wounded in Shooting Attack