Shabbos War News…

9 Suspected of Attempted Weapons Smuggling

IAF Kills 2 Al-Aqsa Operatives in Gaza

IDF Soldiers Attacked With Explosives in Shechem

IAF Attacks Rocket Launcher in North Gaza

Qassam Rocket Lands Near Sderot; No Injuries

Qassam Directly Hits House in Sderot; One Lightly Injured

Two Injured in Kassam Attack on Sderot

Two Infiltrators Arrested at Egyptian Border

Shots Fired at IDF Patrol in Ramallah; No Wounded

Four Palestinian Fugitives Arrested Overnight

IDF Targets Weaponry Storage Facility in Khan Yunis

Sinai: Egyptian Policemen Try to Smuggle Arms to Gaza

How many unreported instances are there of gyptian policemen successfully smuggling arms into Gaza?

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