Thursday Night and Friday War News ….

Rocket Landings in Tzfat – Rosh Pina Area, No Injuries

24 Wounded as Kassam Falls Near Zikim Kindergarten

IDF Eliminates 3 Terrorists in Bint Jbeil


“IDF soldiers eliminated three terrorists in the Hizbullah stronghold of Bint Jbeil overnight…. There were no injuries reported among the IDF troops.”

Air Force Destroyed Missile Command Center in Tyre


“A direct hit destroyed the building that included the 12th story Hizbullah center. The command unit controlled Syrian-made 220 mm rockets which have caused most of the civilian fatalities in the Hizbullah terrorist war.”

IDF Pulls Out of Northern Gaza Strip


“IDF troops and tanks pulled out of northern Gaza early Friday after a bloody two-day sweep…, but IAF aircraft continued to pound the area.
The body of a Palestinian operative was found after the IDF pulled back.”

Apparent Terror Victim Identified


“The victim was identified on Friday as Dr. Danny Ya’akovi, the physician of the settlement of Yakir. His charred body was found late Thursday in the trunk of an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank, police said. Ya’akovi had been kidnapped and then killed by Palestinians in a terror attack.”

For Background on Dr. Yaakovi’s kidnapping and murder, click here.

Israeli Truck Driver Beaten In Arab Village Near Kalkilya

Kassam Rocket Lands in Sderot Area; None Wounded

4 Katyushas Land Near Acre; Damage Caused

3 Kassams Hit Near Sderot; None Wounded, No Damage

IDF Hits Over 130 Sites in Lebanon Thursday Night