Prepare? Two or Three Years? Wake Up Diskin, We’re Already There!

Shin Bet: Prepare for Mini-Lebanon in Gaza


Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin told cabinet ministers Sunday that “a very problematic situation is being created in Gaza. Within the next two to three years, barring any major changes, we may find ourselves in a Hizbullah-type situation, meaning bunkers, underground tunnels, infrastructure and dangerous weapons.”

Diskin added: If we don’t make a significant change, such as block the arms smuggling routes, including Philadelphi, stifle Hamas’ attempts at improving its capabilities via an alternative Palestinian government, the situation in Gaza will be similar to that in Lebanon.”


Perhaps Hamas does not yet have the caliber of dangerous weapons of Hezbollah, but they are getting there. But as far as bunkers, underground tunnels, infrastructure, and smuggling it must be that the Chief of Shin Bet has only now awakened from a deep sleep spanning a least a year.

The sources are too numerous to list, such as here, here and here. And much of the data has been gathered and collated by Diskin’s own Shin Bet over the past year. So why should he now be surprised and alarmist when the facts have come out repeatedly over the past year? MB